• Confiança is born in the company Silva Almeida e Cª, specialized in the manufacture of Offenbach soap, representing the Portuguese vanguard in the institutionalization of hygiene.

  • The brand "Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança" was born, as its own brand given the prestige of the products achieved in the meantime.

    Positioned on the challenge of "imagining and manufacturing beauty", Confiança is now present in homes.

  • Start of construction of the factory's emblematic building, which is still the hallmark of Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança, equipped with a series of amenities and social benefits for its employees.

  • It presents 150 brands of different soaps and cosmetic products such as rice powders, creams, toothpastes, shaving sticks, colognes, lotions and essences.

  • Opening of the typographic workshop itself, guaranteeing the autonomy and exclusivity of innovative and creative graphic design for product packaging and labels, which will reflect, at all times, the evolution of Portuguese history in the design of consumer products.

  • Advertising campaign, significant in the various media at the time, namely newspapers and radio, using stars of Portuguese culture to present programs with exclusive sponsorship.

  • It focuses on very specific market niches, such as hotels, with complimentary soaps and then extended to CP and TAP - state organizations - which designed a mix of product placement and promotion for the Braga region.

  • Confiança begins to develop new cosmetics, adapting formulas and offering new liquid solutions, such as shower gels or scented shampoos.

  • Confiança launches the "Grande Alfazema Contest", rewarding consumers with household appliances. Promoted by the industrial revolutions and European integration, Confiança is thus associated with the environment of social well-being.

  • Confiança successfully launches personalized soaps for larger pharmacies compared to the hotel line. Continuing to explore the symbolic potential of its products, it joins projects such as Vida Portuguesa.

  • Sale of the headquarters building, part of the restructuring program with a view to adapting the company's structure to a recessive environment in the soap manufacturing industry, as a result of the significant aggressiveness of large commercial areas, new "cathedrals of consumption" and multinationals.

  • Joint Venture Change Partners purchases Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança, which will successfully carry out the first ISO9001-2000 certification process for companies in the sector, as well as reversing the focus on soaps to the detriment of soap.

  • Acquisition of Trust by Ach. Brito, with the aim of operating across the market, repositioning Confiança products in the premium segment, in relation to Ach's mass market. Brito and luxury from Claus Porto.

  • Acquisition of Ach. Brito by a group of Portuguese investors which begins a process of rebranding the entire Confiança array to reinforce its presence in international markets.

  • Acquisition of Confiança by Socipole to Ach. Brito, making use of all his skills in the development and exploration of the respective market.

  • Acquisition of the Clarim and Solavar brands, recognized and growing in the soap market, while begins the work on the complete remodelation of the facilities and operational layout.

  • Completion of the complete refurbishment of the facilities and operational layout, and investment in the acquisition of equipment, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of packaging lines and the consequent internalization of previously subcontracted services.

  • Focused on renewal through innovation, the historical legacy of Perfumaria e Saboaria Confiança continues as one of the pillars of the company's strategy.

With all the Quality and Trust. Since 1894!