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  • Offenbach Soap

    The Soap is called Offenbach Soap (name of the German city where its formulation originated), also known here in Portugal as, Blue and White Soap or Pink Soap and for some people: Money Soap.

    In our formulation we use oils of vegetable origin: palm oil, and coconut oil.

    It differs from other soaps because we achieve a superior degreasing power, to which water and other important ingredients are added in the washing and removal of stains.

    This soap will always be recognized for its unparalleled effect when it comes to stain removal.

  • Clarim Soap

    Confiança also sells a Super Soap, with the brand Clarim, which is a soap known in the world as Marseille Soap.

    The production method is equivalent to Offenbach soap, but with refined, deodorized and discolored oils.

    The reason for all of this changes has the purpose to have its much appreciated fragrance.

  • Wool, Silk & Nylons

    Our Wool, Silks & Nylons Soap is produced with 100% refined coconut oil.

    With a very different quality from what is considered "normal", it is highly appreciated by Confiança consumers.

    The unique and exclusive use of refined coconut oil in the formulation awakens a silky touch and a sense of comfort.

    A Soap suitable for washing delicate clothes.

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