Legal notice

1) The use of the website does not imply the registration of any personal information, unless the user decides to do so, registering in the personal area. If personal information is requested for a registration, the reason for this request will be indicated.

2) User data is registered on the Shopify servers and is always protected by a login and password.
In addition, the website uses an SSL protocol, which means that the exchange of information, within the scope of the Confiança website and Shopify, is carried out in complete security.

3) If there are services that include the automatic sending of emails, they will only be activated after prior authorization from the user, who will always have the option to unsubscribe (just send an email to with the respective email).

4) To better guarantee your security, Confiança does not have access to bank details. Payments are made through a Portuguese company - LusoPay. It also does not have direct access to your personal data, all information being processed by an encrypted security payment system.

5) Orders will only be sent after the due payments have been confirmed.