Our Products


The "Soul" Line invokes the "Soul" of Confiança in the form of premium products. "Soul" consists of an especially elaborated line of products with more extravagant purposes.

Featuring distinct products such as O Meu Banho (My Bath), O Melhor (The Best) e Alfazema de Portugal (Lavender from Portugal).

O Meu Banho (My Bath), is one of Confiança's most traditional soaps and is recommended for daily use both in the bath and as a simple hand wash. This soap's moisturizing properties and vintage imprint give it the premium status required for this distinct product line.

O Melhor (The Best)'s name isn't by chance. Featuring one of the most complete and precisely tailored Higiene bundles for man. Composed of a Shaving Kit, a Fragrance Kit, a shaving brush and two exclusive face soaps for a cleaner and smoother shave.

Alfazema de Portugal (Lavender from Portugal) is an exclusive line that brings a feeling of comfort and exotic pleasure to your bathroom. Featuring its vintage soap (in singular and boxes of 3), a liquid soap / shower gel, an environmental vaporizer and an aromatic candle.


The Home Line encompasses Confiança's oldest products. The pillars of the company are its high quality laundry soap.

Here you can find the Offenbach Soap, both blue and pink, and the Wool, Silk & Nylons soap, suitable for clothes that you feel deserve a little bit more care.


The Care Line is a skin care line, with a pinch of a variety of quality fragrances worthy of Confiança's product line. This line has several soaps, all of them with different properties and benefits.

In this line you can find our glycerin soaps, fruits and a wide range of technical soaps.

Our glycerin soaps are produced with natural oils and fats that are then enriched with glycerin which make them a really good choice for your daily skin care.

Our fruit line features: Lima, Strawberry and Passion Fruit. All of them enriched with sweet almond oil fused with different fragrances, for all tastes.

For those looking for more personalized soaps, our Technical Line has 6 different soaps, Donkey Milk, Pumice Stone, Algae, Tar, Sulfur and Clay.


Confiança Line is composed by our most recognized and sought-after soaps.

Here you can find Alfazema do Monte (Lavender from the hills), Chipres (Cyprus), Côco Hidratante (Moisturizing Coconut), Hidratante (Moisturizing) and Esfoliante (Exfoliating) soaps.